Molecule 05 by Escentric Molecules for Men and women

Molecule 05 Perfume by Escentric Molecules, Molecule 05 is part of a larger fragrance collection. Each fragrance contains just one note that it utilizes to its utmost. For this perfume that one note is cashmeran. Cashmeran was created in the 1970s.

While it can be evocative of musk, it also has spicy, fruity, balsamic, and vanilla notes. This complexity means that it changes and transforms from skin to skin and throughout the day. Therefore what appears to be a simple fragrance of one note becomes a beautiful olfactory kaleidoscope that entices and invites. The nose for this scent is Geza Schoen.

Escentric Molecules is a German perfume house with an interesting idea. They introduce their fragrances in pairs with each pair exploring one fragrance note in two different ways. Only the note produces any aroma. Any other ingredients in the perfume simply support that note. The designer who creates these fragrance pairings is nose Geza Schoen.

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