Odin 03 Century by Odin for Men and women

Odin 03 Century Perfume by Odin, Odin 03 Century, released by fragrance house Odin in 2009, stands out as a homage fragrance with a slight twist.

The chypre creations this blend hearkens back to usually opened with bright citrus notes, but this one takes a truly inspired, slightly darker direction at the outset. A top note of fresh mint succumbs to the somber harmonies of cypress and birch to extract a cool, shady feel. As the feeling drifts further into the exotic, the mid notes sail away to foreign ports with strands of myrrh, vetiver and patchouli. The scene closes as the drawn shades invite the fateful night with alluring ambergris bathed in black musk and laced with the earthiness of oakmoss. The silage entices with a naughty wink but is not too aggressive to be considered playful.

The year 2009 marked the date that Odin, a Manhattan fashion boutique in business since 2004, entered the world of fragrances. The shop is dedicated exclusively to men's fashions, but the firm intends for women and men to wear its scent creations. Since its first release, both sexes have enjoyed its sultry and fun fragrances.

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