Olfactive Studio Flash Back by Olfactive Studio for Men and women

Olfactive Studio Flash Back Perfume by Olfactive Studio, Crafted by Olivier Cresp with inspiration from an eponymous photograph by Laurent Segretier, Olfactive Studio Flash Back is a unisex fragrance with a woody-citrus accord released in 2013.

The scent opens with tart rhubarb and fresh orange, blending into delicious Granny Smith apple and pink pepper, all atop a powdery, warm base of amber, cedar and musk. Like the eponymous photograph by Laurent Segretier, printed on the packaging, that inspired Cresp, this fragrance has a particular vivid, yet ethereal, character to it that impresses on the senses and invokes a feeling of reminiscence.

Olfactive Studio was launched by Celine Verleure in 2011 to breach new territory in the world of perfumes. Verleure envisioned a perfume design house that also acts as a photography studio. Each product launched by the brand is a work of both visual and olfactory art, as a photographer creates a portrait invoking a concept, then a perfumer draws upon that portrait to create the final fragrance.

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