Pearl Luban Leather by Areej Al Ameerat for Women

Pearl Luban Leather Perfume by Areej Al Ameerat, Pearl Luban Leather is the product of a beautiful blend of green luban, also called "frankincense," and leather. From the resins and balsams family, green luban possesses a fresh balsamic, spicy and woody fragrance with a fruity hint. Blended with earthy, slightly sweet leather, it produces a rich, long-lasting scent that is particularly well-suited to wear in the evening. Its depth and longevity make it ideal for after-dark special occasions such as romantic dinners, weddings and anniversaries, and other soirees. Apply it after shaving or bathing and let the warmth of your skin release its notes and enhance your overall mood.

Areej Al Ameerat, the Arabian luxury perfume house, released the fragrance along with its Jewels Collection counterparts. The brand presents the greenish-gold elixir in a compact, squared clear glass flacon with a gold neck and cap. The cap's rounded head creates a soft contrast to the geometric lines of the flacon.

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