Pure Oud by Kilian for Women

Pure Oud Perfume by Kilian, Pure Oud is a warm, woody perfume that is at once clean and luxurious. The fragrance, introduced in 2009, is deep and sensual. Dark and mysterious, it is a tool for seduction.

The perfume is built around oud oil, a rich, complex ingredient derived from agarwood. Its animalistic tone stands out at the opening. Spicy cypriol oil lends a green earthiness while exotic saffron infuses the fragrance with a pleasantly bitter warmth. Copahu balm and guaiac wood oil lay at the base, finishing the scent experience with a layer of smooth, honeyed sweetness. Wear this gorgeous composition to make any evening more magical.

The Kilian perfume brand is based in Paris, France. Its founder, Kilian Hennessy, launched the company in 2007. He grew up among his family’s wine cellars and his scent creations are influenced by the sweet, woody smells of his youth. The brand is eco-conscious and uses refillable packaging.

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