Rock & Roll Icon Voodoo Child by Parfumologie for Men

Rock & Roll Icon Voodoo Child Cologne by Parfumologie, The iconic image of Jimi Hendrix graces the bottle of Rock & Roll Icon Voodoo Child. No one embodies the elements of rock and roll music quite like Hendrix. The masculine fragrance inspires the modern man to embrace his free spirit and create his own music.

A hint of blueberry gives a mysterious note to the earthy tones of pepper, coriander and pine. Juniper brings a more pungent woody note to the pine while patchouli and incense are reminiscent of Woodstock. The black bottle features Hendrix’ iconic red headband wrapped around the silver cap with the name scripted in white across the matte glass.

Embrace your individuality with the delightful scents created by Parfumologie. Creating the unique fragrances for the modern man and woman, the company strives for fun, quirky and different. Rock to the music of your own tune or let loose the freedom of your inner rock and roll child when you spritz this on.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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