Rouge Chatoyant by Rouge Bunny for Women

Rouge Chatoyant Perfume by Rouge Bunny, Along with Vespers and Lilt, Rouge Chatoyant makes up a third of the Fragrant Confections collection.

Launched along with the others in 2012, this well-loved springtime perfume contains tangy, sour top notes of lemon and bergamot. These strong citrus tones are expertly blended into more complex middle notes of orchid, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and rose. Vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and musk make up the base notes, and create a smooth, gentle ending to the scent experience.

Rouge Bunny is a cosmetics company based in the United Kingdom and draws inspiration from the historical Victorian and Romantic eras to create perfumes and colognes that are truly unique in every aspect. Founder Alexandra de Montfort continues to serve as the brand’s creative director. While the brand has certainly found success in its selling of cosmetics and skin care products, some of its most popular products have been those from various fragrance lines, of which there are around 15 in total.

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