Ruby Saffron by Areej Al Ameerat for Men and women

Ruby Saffron by Areej Al Ameerat, Ruby Saffron is a men’s fragrance with spicy, woody and animalistic accords. Saffron, the titular note, comes from the crocus flower – the deep orange stigmas that must be painstakingly harvested by hand. Its distinctive scent exhibits honey, musky, earthy and rum-like tones. The saffron in this blend is combined with oud, another luxury perfume ingredient extracted from the resin of the agar tree. Oud’s woody, spicy and leathery note perfectly accompanies the musk in this fragrance. Together, these three notes create a rich sensory experience.

Areej Al Ameerat is a luxury fragrance label based in the United Arab Emirates. Its opulent scents include men’s and women’s editions in both multi-note blends and single-note oils. The label is also known for its fragrant bakhoors – incenses consisting of wood chips soaked in perfume oil. This high-end fragrance brand operates several retail stores throughout the region in Wafi, Dubai, Al Ain and Yas.

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