Sex In The City Midnight by Unknown for Women

Sex In The City Midnight Perfume by Unknown, Feel sensual and glamorous with the feminine fragrance of sex and the city. Inspired by the hit HBO TV series sex and the city, it captures the passionate and confident allure of the show’s four leading ladies. It comes in an elegant purple tinted bottle with a natural spray. The bottle holds 100ml of this eau de parfum. This perfume is composed of light and fresh notes of floral, green, and fruity accords.

The floral notes provide a mysterious and feminine charm, while the fruity notes give it a refreshing aroma. It’s designed as an ideal evening fragrance for any special occasion. The light accords also make it great as an everyday scent, especially during the summer months. Sex and the city was an award-winning romantic comedy series that ran from 1998 to 2004.

The show revolved around the lives of four women in new york and their romantic pursuits. It received critical acclaim for tackling important social issues such as sexual confidence and femininity. Its cast of female leads are carrie bradshaw who is a newspaper columnist, samanta jones who is an independent businesswoman, charlotte york who is an idealistic and romantic art dealer, and miranda hobbes who is a no-nonsense lawyer with a more cynical outlook on love.

Sex and the city was an influential show that had a huge impact on women’s fashion. Each character had their own personal style that reflected their own personalities. The writer carrie dressed in a mix of vintage and high fashion pieces. Career-oriented miranda expressed a more straight-laced look with suits. Uptown prep charlotte had a more feminine flair with chic tailored dresses. Samantha wasn’t afraid to go a bit crazy with her wardrobe and she dressed in bright, colourful outfits. Even through their clothing, the tv series showed that these women were unique individuals with their own fashion sense.

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