Sexy City La Vie by Parfums Parisienne for Women

Sexy City La Vie Perfume by Parfums Parisienne, A light girly fragrance, Sexy City La Vie features a blend of fruity, floral and classic notes to offer a fun daytime fragrance for an adventurous woman.

The exact notes are illusive, but succulent floral and fruity notes open the perfume before the well-defined base of sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber take over. Although it tends to be shortlived, the burst of feminine scent at the beginning is always breathtaking and pairs easily with other sweet or white floral scents.

Parfums Parisienne is best known as an affordable luxury brand that specializes in reliable scents that anyone can enjoy. The brand is fairly new and hasn't had a chance to make more than a dozen scents, but with its stylish packaging and inexpensive price, many of its offerings are delightful starter scents for young consumers, and they make delightful background scents to help create a fuller fragrance profile in combination with your other favorite perfumes.

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