Sixth Sense M by Marilyn Miglin for Men

Sixth Sense M by Marilyn Miglin, An Oriental floral perfume, Sixth Sense M is a richly evocative combination of some of the most popular perfume accords.

The cloves bring a pungent spiciness to the fore while lily notes add a softening floral influence. Notes of amber, sandalwood, and patchouli provide the earthy, sensual depth of the dry down. The longevity is very good, with patchouli lingering on as the final accord. With an ample sillage, this perfume will make its presence known. Use it for work or play and enjoy the attention that it brings you.

Marilyn Miglin founded her cosmetics brand in 1978 in the United States. Her company creates skincare products, cosmetics, and accessories in addition to fragrances. The company goal is to design products that give their wearers the opportunity to indulge in unsurpassed personal expression. She is still actively involved with her brand and is a key force behind fragrance design.

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