Smoke by Smoke for Men and women

Smoke For The Soul Perfume by Kilian, Launched in 2014, Smoke for the Soul is a unisex fragrance created by Fabrice Pellegrin for Kilian.

The woody aroma features a range of fragrances, including cannabis, eucalyptus and mate. Other ingredients that make up this smoky aroma include birch, tobacco and grapefruit with cardamom and cashmirwood rounding out the scents. The moderate aroma is light enough to wear at any type of event without fading too quickly or becoming too overwhelming.

Based in France, Kilian is an eco-luxe brand created by Kilian Hennessy, heir to Hennessy and the Lvmh group. Hennessy began his journey to becoming a perfumer when he studies with some of the most established individuals in the industry. He launched his own perfume house in 2007 with L'oeuvre Noire and has added to the collection each year since. The company, which emphasizes sustainability in its packaging, is home to more than 56 fragrances for men and women and has worked with such names as Calice Becker, Pascal Gaurin and Alberto Morillas.

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