Spring Snow by Tobali for Men and women

Spring Snow Perfume by Tobali, Just one whiff of Spring Snow is capable of transporting anyone to a cloudy Japanese sidewalk covered in the petals of pink cherry blossoms as the wind puffs the last snowfall of the season across the fresh air.

This fragrance doesn't pretend to be complicated. It includes ingredients such as cherry blossom, also known as sakura, in the top notes, sandalwood, cashmere wood and vetiver in the middle and a soothing blend of amber and musk in the base. Naturally, it's ideally suited to springtime wear, adding freshness and just a hint of powdery sweetness to any turnout. It was first released in 2018.

Like many Japanese companies, Tobali has a different take on fragrance than do many more western perfume houses. This brand is deeply committed to illuminating the hidden beauty that is tucked into the natural world. A combination of worldwide sensations and small home aesthetic make these fragrances truly unique.

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