Sultane White Pearl by Jeanne Arthes for Women

Sultane White Pearl Perfume by Jeanne Arthes, Sold in a frosted, tear-shaped bottle, with a pearly, twisted cap, Sultane White Pearl is an elegant perfume that is destined to become a classic scent for women.

This fragrance is refreshing due to its citrusy top notes of mandarin orange, cardamom, ginger and bergamot. Underneath this light top layer lies the heart of the perfume. It offers blossoming notes of jasmine, violet, rose and lily. At its base, this fragrance finishes with musk and moss. The scent was released in 2007 with equal success to its predecessors.

Jeanne Arthes, a perfume company based out of Grasse, France, produces high quality, exotic scents for men and women. The company even opened a licensing division to allow its designers to create fragrances for other companies. Jean-Pierre Bethouart is the lead perfume designer of the brand. He has created popular perfumes under its name from 2000 to 2017, with more in the works.

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