Sunrise by Windjammer Trading Co. for Men

Windjammer Sunrise by Windjammer Trading Co., In a radiantly energetic, fresh cologne, Sunrise brings the cheerful zest and familiar scents of an eclectic blend of citruses, florals and earth tones to an exhilarating fragrance.

Daybreak begins with juicy, ripe red apples, sweet bergamot orange, honeyed Mandarin orange and tangy grapefruit for a brilliant and vibrant open. The heart is wrapped around a traditional white floral bouquet featuring the complex scent of geranium as its key note. Aromatic jasmine, pure and cleansing lily-of-the-valley and powdery orange blossom complete the white florals in the middle, while romantic violet adds a hint of purple and mystery. The base is natural and woody with cedarwood and sandalwood adding a bit of sweet smoke while snuggly amber pulls people in closer, creamy vanilla adds comfort, animalic musk brings a bit of personal magnetism and damp, green moss adds a bit of green to dew drop dampness. The impact is intensely refreshing, like the sun rising over a gorgeous tropical ocean beach.

Windjammer Trading Co. is a unique fashion brand specializing in refreshing colognes using traditional ingredients with a contemporary flair. With modern methods to create sophisticated scents that are associated with certain moods, their scents can match any emotion, any occasion.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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