Sweet Surrender Jojoba Butter by Victoria's Secret for Women

Sweet Surrender Jojoba Butter by Victoria's Secret, Victoria’s secret sweet surrender jojoba butter is a nutritious body mist that provides deep moisture and a savory summer scent. Jojoba is a shrub native to the deserts of southwestern north america and known for its hydrating properties and sealing moisture into the skin.

This is a non-greasy mist that balances the skin’s natural ph while nourishing the body. The fragrance transports the mind to scenes of sunsets and cool, dry air sweeping across the desert lands. It is perfect for everyday wear and whenever you want to take a mental trip to the sahara. Though Victoria's Secret is primarily a women’s lingerie manufacturer, the company develops an extensive line of apparel and beauty products.

The first store opened in 1977 in Palo Alto, California and became an instant sensation among consumers. The company was sold to lex Wexner in 1982 and became a national industry leader in the 90s. Victoria, the company’s first fragrance line, was launched in 1988. Today, the company produces perfumes, body mists, lotions and other deliciously scented personal care products for women. Spray sweet surrender jojoba butter body mist all over the skin after a shower or to refresh yourself throughout the day. Complement the mist with shower cream and body lotion to complete your set.

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