Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Malaki by Swiss Arabian for Men and women

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Malaki by Swiss Arabian, Luxurious and imaginitive, Bakhoor Malaki has all the right elements to turn your house into a world of fantasy.

It opens with a top note of Turkish Rose, then gives way to a heart of amber, agarwood and Spanish Saffron. These deluxe scents swirl around the base of sandalwood to create an essence unlike any other. Bakhoors are designed as burnable tablets that release their fragrance into the air where it can then cling to clothing, furniture and any people who pass by. Unlike simple candles or room sprays, Bakhoors permeate deeply to create an iconic scent that resonates for many days.

Those who have never been in the 1001 Arabian Nights can still enjoy the flavors of the United Arab Emirates' majestic and adventurous history. From classic rich oud and incense perfumes to lilting cinnamon and spices, Swiss Arabian brings together Perfumes that aren't quite like what anyone else has to offer.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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