Swiss Arabian Muattar Al Majlis Bakhoor Incense by Swiss Arabian for Men and women

Swiss Arabian Muattar Al Majlis Bakhoor Incense by Swiss Arabian, Looking for a lingering scent of elegant refinement to welcome you and your guests home any day? Swiss Arabian Muattar Al Majlis Bakhoor Incense is a deep, woody scent that not only permeates your home, but brings fresh intensity every time it is burned.

It opens with a top note of lavender along with some vague woodsy and spicy notes. The middle notes fill in with a rich leather scent and a touch of spice. The lasting essence of oud and tobacco drift in and out until settling in the base notes with their penetrating sensations. Like many Bakhoors, this one is designed to be burned occasionally to improve the overall fragrance of a house and home.

There's nothing quite like the rich, complex fragrance of the Middle East. Thanks to Swiss Arabian, these majestic smells can be discovered anywhere in the world. With brilliant combinations of ancient classics and modern perfumes, this brand has everything one could want.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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