Swiss Arabian Private Musk by Swiss Arabian for Men and women

Swiss Arabian Private Musk by Swiss Arabian, Inspired by the power of fragrance to unlock memories, Swiss Arabian Private Musk is for the woman who loves an oriental musk perfume.

Sweet saffron and sumptuous jasmine join bright orange in a floral, fruity opening that opens your memory's gates. The gourmand heart notes of caramel and cotton candy send you back to childhood, the place where you created your fondest formative memories. Oakmoss and white amber are the warm, earthy base notes, which are familiar and comforting to anyone who's played outside as a child and explored the great outdoors as an adult. The fragrance's collective notes make it appropriate for year-round wear for daily or special occasions. Spritz on a little and let it transport you to the best moments of your life.

Swiss Arabian, the United Arab Emirates' first luxury perfumer, released the fragrance in 2019. Since 1974, the company has produced fine fragrances for men and women.

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