Tiziana Terenzi Atlantide by Tiziana Terenzi for Men and women

Tiziana Terenzi Atlantide Perfume by Tiziana Terenzi. The Atlantide fragrance opens with sparkling and persuasive notes, wonderful Calabrian Bergamot, also called green gold, giving it a strong Italian identity from the very start. It is accompanied and enriched by the intense and elegant fragrance of old rose and softly and sweetly embraced by passion fruit. The heart warms into sophisticated seduction, as the disconcerting scent of Narcissus enhances the unmistakable, hypnotic aroma of the “flower of sin”, with its carnal and intoxicating aftermath, the tuberose. During the Renaissance, young girls were forbidden to smell its narcotic perfume for fear that they should "falling to temptation". A similar ban was also applied in India where its name, KiRani, means "suitor of the night". The flower exudes its aroma after sunset and it was believed that its scent would make young girls fall into an oblivion of sentimentality from which there could be no escape.

This splendid tuberose, queen of the meadows, is the most beautiful we have encountered in our many years of working. "Its scent, like vital beats, seems to ignite the magnetic ardor of lethargic love." (Mark André Raffalovic)

Warm and sun-rich fruits accompany this conscious vertigo of the senses supported and harmonized by a rich base of Musk combined with the gentle strength of ambergris and the warm sweetness of benzoin. A marine creature, made in the ancient goldsmith’s technique of granulation, clings to the symbolic bottle in which we have enclosed this wonderful fragrance. When caressed, it gives a tactile pleasure to the tips of our fingers that can be conquered only by immersion in salt water A sensual experience that preludes the joy of sweet abandonment to the most mysterious and powerful carnal pleasure, that of our minds.

  • Top: Tuberose Absolute, Bergamot, Rose, Passion Fruit
  • Heart: Cassis, Redberry, Narcissus, Orris, Orange Blossom, Tuberose
  • Base: Musk, Benzoin, Amber
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