Topaz Amber by Areej Al Ameerat for Women

Topaz Amber Perfume by Areej Al Ameerat, Topaz Amber is a women’s fragrance with a two-note scent profile – amber and patchouli. This simplicity betrays a complexity that’s not obvious until you experience this scent.

Patchouli introduces several classic perfume accords: smoky, woody, balsamic and spicy, with hints of tobacco and mint. Amber is another timeless note beloved for the warmth and nuance it adds to fragrance blends. With sweet, earthy, dry and slightly dusty tones, it adds richness and rounds out the scent profile.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Areej Al Ameerat is a luxury fragrance label offering men’s and women’s scents. It’s also well-known for its bakhoors, a type of incense created by soaking wood chips in fragrant oils. While the company gained prominence through its bespoke oud fragrances, it offers a broad and diverse line of perfumes and concentrated fragrance oils. The brand’s popular lines include the Royal, Jewels, Syoufi and Oud Mubakhar Collections.

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