Virgo Cnr Create by CNR Create for Men

Virgo Cnr Create Cologne by Cnr Create, Virgo CnR Create is not for just anyone. It was formulated specifically for men with the same zodiac sign.

Its base is strong and warm with a blend of musk, cypress, and incense. At the heart, eucalyptus meets vetiver for an element that is both deep and fresh at the same time. Lavender, grapefruit, and bergamot are found at the top to create a magnetic energy that promotes deep human connection. Every note was thoughtfully chosen to match and complement the intricate and complex characteristics of men with this sign.

This fragrance comes from the CnR Create collection devoted to astrological signs. It was released in 2010. Perfumist Olivier Funel is the skillful nose behind the fragrances, but the contribution and insight of astrology expert Robert Boehm were critical to meticulously formulating each fragrance to every specific sign. The brand was founded in Vienna and has released more than 30 fragrances since 2008.

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