Warek by Kajal for Men and women

Warek by Kajal, Released in 2017, Warek is the stuff of intertwined mystery and limitless luxury.

The unisex fragrance features layers of exotic smokiness and rich leather, almost hinting of the atmosphere in an alluring, mysterious and exclusive Vip club scene. The cologne doesn't just rely on strength, mystery and toughness alone. Floral notes and additional warm, inviting touches hint there's a sweetness hiding just under the exterior. The top of the fragrance is infused with notes of intimate saffron and smoky incense. Romantic rose, earthy guaiac wood, exotic patchouli and sensual amber comprise the heart of the scent. The cologne finishes with base notes of agarwood, pungent leather and warm vanilla.

The Parisian perfume house of Kajal may have just been founded in 2014, but the brand possesses a sense of worldliness that perfectly transfers into its complex scent offerings. Many of its operations and business are seen to from Dubai, while the company is registered in Paris, France. The world of beauty is what most inspires the perfume brand and it takes many cues from both Arabic and Indian culture.

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