1881 Summer by Nino Cerruti for Men

1881 Summer by Nino Cerruti, Take a cool dip in the season’s hottest fragrance with 1881 Summer, a refreshing cologne from Nino Cerruti.

Created to combine the idea of one’s energizing spirit and intense masculine tones, this spellbinding fragrance mixes spicy, flower and woody notes to delight the senses. Fresh bergamot and rich jasmine play up the sweet, flowery side of this playful blend, while the spicy cardamom and nutmeg offer a bit of sensuality. Meanwhile, the base notes of warm musk, sandalwood and vetiver all round out the delectable scent to make this perfect cologne an intoxicating aroma you’ll want to spray on all day long.

Cerruti’s cologne is only one depiction of his many talents, given that he founded his own Italian fashion house, as well. The change of career followed after leaving his family beginnings, a textiles factory started in the 1880s, and he went on to discover his other hidden talents in the fashion and perfume world. The fragrances were an early part of his name’s brand, and the perfume line now claims over 30 perfumes.

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