1902 Vetiver by Berdoues for Unisex

1902 Vetiver Cologne by Berdoues, The cologne 1902 Vetiver by Berdoues was designed for confident, adventurous men.

Like the perfume by the same name, this fragrance is based around the earthy, woody notes of the eastern Asian weed grass, vetiver. Every layer of the cologne invokes a characteristic of the grass. The top notes of lemon verbena bring a lemony fresh quality that is similar to the bitter aspects of the weed grass. The heart of the cologne swirls around the earthiness of vetiver by introducing oak leaves, sunflower, sage and vetiver itself. The base notes end on a masculine, woody scent with tones of musk and artemisia.

The French-based fragrance brand was started in 1902 by Guillaume Berdoues. Over the years, the house has perfected its creation process. Everything from scent to packaging design is done in house. The bottle for 1902 Vetiver showcases the green liquid within. The clear flask has a light green label that complements the cologne held inside.

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