Bod Man Most Wanted by Parfums De Coeur for Men

Bod Man Most Wanted Cologne by Parfums De Coeur, Escape the reins of normality with the elusive Bod Man Most Wanted, a daring men’s body spray from Parfums de Coeur. Infused with a myriad of charismatic accords, this prominent cologne stays with you for hours after application.

A fusion of various citrus fruits opens the fragrance for an exhilarating boost of energy and invigoration. Meanwhile, the heart note of smoldering wood creates a light, smoky balance that drys down the scent into something more robust. Finally, the ending mix of herbs creates an earthy, robust appeal that finalizes the scent for an all-together botanical and refreshing masculine atmosphere.

This 1989 cologne is a unique and mysterious blend from the expert perfumers at Parfums de Coeur. An American fragrance company known for their creative and affordable aromas, the brand has expanded into over 36 different scents since it opened its doors. Offered in fun and unique spray bottles reminiscent of cleaning sprays, these fragrances share similar traits in leaving long-lasting clean refreshment in their wake.

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