Bod Man Really Ripped Abs by Parfums De Coeur for Men

Bod Man Really Ripped Abs by Parfums De Coeur, Embrace your inner strength and confidence by showing off your Bod Man Really Ripped Abs, a men’s body spray by Parfums de Coeur. This virile cologne combines a stunning array of citrusy and woody accords that’s sure to turn heads whenever you enter the room.

Top notes of juicy mandarin orange and bergamot create an energetic and alluring vibe that can keep you awake and active all day long. Middle notes of geranium seeds, rich green sage and soothing lavender infiltrate an herbal, floral remedy that helps wind down the intensity. Base notes of light sandalwood, cedarwood and white musk add the sensual, masculine tone that ends this fragrance with on a high note. Perfect for daywear leading into a long night of casual interaction.

This 1989 fragrance stands as one of dozens of appealing body sprays from the American perfume company Parfums de Coeur. Each cologne comes in a convenient spray bottle that mimics the look of cleaning sprays, indicating its ability to keep the wearer clean and refreshed for hours.

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