Bois 1920 Oro by Bois 1920 for Women

Bois 1920 Oro Perfume by Bois 1920, First released in 2013, Bois 1920 Oro is an unusual, elegant unisex fragrance that fuses smoke and spice with hints of fruit and florals.

The top notes are a tart honey blend of red raspberry and ginger spice laced with resin-sweet pine. As the scent begins to settle, tones of lemon fresh red rose and earthy powdered iris emerge, mingled with the rich aromatics of olibanum. The finish is a subtly complex leather and tobacco accord wreathed in oud, vanilla and balsamic sweet opoponax. Smoothly blended and irresistibly fresh, Oro 1920 complements any season beautifully. 

The Italian Fragrance house Bois 1920 was founded by Guido Galardi in the year 1920. Galardi's original formulas were created using lavender from the countryside surrounding Florence. Guido's company closed in 1925, but in 2005 his grandson Enzo Galardi revived the brand, crafting new perfumes inspired by a rich Italian tradition. The name Bois is pronounced "boyce".

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