Cicatrices by Laurent Mazzone for Women

Life is full of hurt and getting hurt means you’ll get scarred, either by physical marks or emotional imprints. One way or the other, this scar will have a story – a memory associated with the pain. Cicatrices by laurent mazzone is a part of the intimacy collection. This new fragrance leaves traces of licorice streaks all over your body, creating fresh scars that you’d want over and over again. Cicatrices is a dark scent for men and women. This perfume embeds itself on skin and leaves behind a dusty, dry smell. The top notes are licorice and fragrant bergamot with accords that dominate the whole perfume. This superior combination is followed by middle notes of myrrh, iris, and leather. Its inclusion of leather is just the right amount and never overpowers the whiff of the perfume. The base notes are patchouli, vanilla, and labdanum, a synthesis of flavors that emit a strong, earthy aroma with touches of sweet, floral odor. This peculiar scent is a clandestine combination that adds charisma and mystery to its wearer. A perfumery house founded by laurent mazzone, lm parfums is an italian brand with a range of items focusing on scented candles and fragrances. With a penchant for fragrances since he was a child, mazzone mixed and matched perfume samples to develop new aromas. In 1998, laurent opened his first perfume boutique, premiere avenue, in grenoble, france. His little boutique focused on musks that exclusively catered to men. Come 2010, the first lm parfums was born. Brandishing his own style, laurent refused to follow the norm and developed aromas that are experimental in nature, producing wild and sophisticated combinations that are indefinable, out of this world, and exclusive to the laurent mazzone house.
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