Colognise by Nishane for Unisex

Colognise Perfume by Nishane, Released in 2018, Colognise is a delicate yet vibrant scent suitable for both men and women. Its light, citrusy aroma can create an air of confidence for any special event, but it is also perfect for daily wear at work or on the weekends.

It opens with bright lemon, bergamot, grassy green tea, and jasmine for a fresh start. The middle notes bring in grapefruit and lily for more brightness, before the base notes of vetiver and soft musk create depth and longevity. It’s a modern twist on traditional scent notes that can captivate and entice you.

This unisex fragrance, in a classically simple glass bottle, is one of thirty perfumes and colognes offered by the up-and-coming perfume house of Nishane, which introduced its first scent in 2013. This brand is based in Turkey and relies on the flavors, aromas, and experiences of the region to influence the scents in its line.

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