Delicious Feelings by Gale Hayman for Women

Delicious Feelings Perfume by Gale Hayman, For a perfume you will want to wear on a daily basis, you need Delicious Feelings. Gale Hayman released this fragrance in 1996. It contains a refreshing aroma that is certain to perk you up even in the middle of the day. It is perfect for wearing around the office because it never comes across as too overpowering.

The notes featured throughout its composition include freesia, lily, sandalwood, jasmine, plum and musk. Gale Hayman is an American cosmetics company that has launched numerous products for women to feel their best. In addition to fragrances, the brand also specializes in anti-aging products for the face, lips and eyes. The company has the goal to make every woman feel like a movie star living in Beverly Hills. The earliest perfumes from the brand house date back to the 1990s, and perfumers, such as Francis Camail and Rene Morgenthaler, have worked for the company.

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