Demeter Aloe Vera by Demeter for Women

Demeter Aloe Vera Perfume by Demeter, Aloe vera is frequently used in cosmetics and beauty products for both its soothing abilities and its light, gently green scent. In Demeter Aloe Vera by Demeter, that smell has been bottled for any time you want a quick, invigorating blast of scent.

This fragrance is clean and fresh with a green, almost watery, quality that is calming and renewing. Introduced in 2014, it is a perfect perfume for daytime use in an office or school setting or anywhere a gentle, unobtrusive scent is appreciated. This is a single-note fragrance that layers well with other fragrances from this brand.

Demeter was established in the United States in 1996 by Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable. The brand uses advanced technology to manufacture hundreds of unique scents, many of which are linear or single-note fragrances. The company is named after the Greek goddess of the harvest, who represents the bounty of the earth.

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