Demeter Blue Spruce by Demeter for Women

A powerful scent reminiscent of Christmas trees and long walks in a deep old forest, Demeter Blue Spruce has everything you need to spice up your attire. The top note is a distinct spruce that wafts through in a rush. As it dries down, a hint of cedar drifts in, eventually drying down to a crisp ozone scent. While many enjoy this perfume as a seasonal scent for parties, it also functions beautifully as a room spray during the winter. This fragrance was first released in 2016.

Challenged to create authentic smells of nature, the fragrance house of Demeter made its debut in 1996 with three signature fragrances: Dirt, Grass and Tomato. With the success of these remarkable scents, the company grew to include authentic fragrances from many parts of life. Everything from Birthday Cake to Thunderstorm and over 300 other fragrances besides can be found on the shelves of this unique brand’s worldwide shops.
All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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