Demeter Brownie by Demeter for Women

Brownie Perfume by Demeter, The delight of freshly baked treats in the kitchen is distilled into this gourmand fragrance by Demeter.

Brownie is uniquely designed with a linear composition, the scent remaining the same throughout as you wear it. Crafted to perfectly evoke the scent of warm brownies straight from the oven, this perfume is a rich, chocolatey and deliciously sweet experience featuring well-blended notes of cacao, vanilla, sugar and hazelnut.

A perfume house based in Pennsylvania, Demeter works to create innovative fragrances that invoke familiar scents of nature and nostalgia - flowers, fruits, soils, cakes and drinks are some of the inspirations relied on.

The brand’s fragrances eschew the traditional pyramid of top, middle and bottom notes in favor of a linear composition that remains consistent over time. Perfumes like Brownie are also created using a unique “headspace” technology that analyzes the air around the inspiring scent to determine and assemble the fragrant molecules that make up the right notes. This results in an astonishing match that stirs the senses and memory.

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