Demeter Ginseng Root by Demeter for Women

Demeter Ginseng Root Perfume by Demeter, Ginseng root is one of the oldest healing herbs still used in traditional medicine. Demeter Ginseng Root perfume captures everything good about this subtle yet aromatic plant.

The aroma immediately freshens everything within range, as the first breath of delightfully fresh air wafting through your open window on a crisp spring morning. Clean and vigorously energizing, the aroma is sparkly with a sense of magic; insistent but never overpowering. The single-note fragrance has all the complexity of freshly-dug Chinese ginseng root; hints of Earthy soil, green woods, a citrus splash of lemon and honey, and an undertone of green herbal tea. The overall impression is close to a traditional Oriental perfume, but more Earthy and herbal.

Demeter perfumes are designed to capture the most comfortable scents found in life. The company is named after the Greek goddess of natural growth and fertility. Their one-note fragrances are hand-finished in the United States by the family-owned and operated company.

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