Demeter Kitten Fur by Demeter for Women

Demeter Kitten Fur by Demeter, Kittens are soft, fluffy, and adorable. What would it look like to put this joy into a perfume? Demeter Kitten Fur does just that.

With notes of vanilla and musk, this scent truly mimics that fresh, new-kitten smell. Vanilla, a substance obtained from vanilla beans, provides a particularly fragrant aroma that is rich and earthy. Musk, a base note in various perfumes, provides an animalistic scent. Combining the two scents begins to form that kitten smell, but this fragrance does even more to perfect the aroma. Olfactory nerve that pass from the nose to the brain utilize receptors to smell. These receptors receive sensations. Kitten Fur captures the olfactory essence of warmth and comfort. The fragrance allows the wearer to not only smell the wonderful smell of kitten fur, but also feel the coziness of kitten fur.

Demeter created this scent in 2017. The soft sillage is the perfect strength to transfer that comfortable kitten fur experience to the surrounding atmosphere. The long-lasting perfume is great for any occasion.

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Item #PP706245X

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