Demeter Lemon Meringue by Demeter for Unisex

Demeter Lemon Meringue Perfume by Demeter, Lemon Meringue is a sweet and tart treat enjoyed by many. The creation of Meringue is an interesting chemistry lesson. Beating egg whites breaks down the some of the hydrogen bonds.

The proteins denature, which changes the structure of the egg whites to form a stiff consistency. When cream of tartar enters the mix, proteins continue to change and become firm peaks. Demeter Lemon Meringue Perfume incorporates the tart lemon scent with notes of vanilla and cream. The mixture of the three scents mimics the lemon smell that everyone knows with the creation of the creamy meringue that results from a chemical alteration of proteins.

Demeter released this fragrance in 2014. Lemon Meringue has a moderate sillage that people enjoy from a distance without being overwhelmed while up close. The scent is long-lasting, so be confident that you can make it throughout your day with the pleasant aroma always with you.

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