Demeter Libra by Demeter for Women

Demeter Libra by Demeter, Like the zodiac sign it looks to for inspiration, Demeter Libra Perfume is in perfect balance, smoothly blending freshness and warmth in its ethereal formula.

Ruled by the planet Venus, peaceful Libra loves music, art and being surrounded by beautiful things. Released as part of the Zodiac collection in 2015, this fragrance echoes those qualities by presenting a beautifully harmonious fusion of the citrusy punch of wild yuzu, spicy clove leaf, anise and precious woods. Librans hate to be alone and love to be in love, so bring your loved one closer with this alluring fragrance.

Named for the Greek goddess of the harvest, Pennsylvania-based perfume house Demeter released its first fragrance in 1996. House founders Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable strove to create fragrances that “revive the memories and take you back through time.” Many of their creations are highlighted by scents that run from the commonplace such as flowers and fruits to the unusual like drinks and cakes, each one a unique blend designed to evoke certain feelings and memories in the wearer.

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