Demeter Sticky Toffe Pudding by Demeter for Women

Demeter Sticky Toffe Pudding by Demeter, Gloriously decadent, delightfully sticky, and sinfully sweet are just a few terms that accurately describe the experience of eating a beautifully buttery English toffee pudding.

It’s a taste that’s unlike anything else and that instantly brings to mind beautiful memories of childhood, holiday magic, and special occasions. It’s the kind of flavor that can’t help but make you blissfully happy. Right there in that instant, the cares and stresses of everyday life seem very far away indeed. That’s the experience Demeter Sticky Toffee Pudding seeks to mimic to absolute perfection. Notes of airy sponge cake and hot buttered toffee mingle seamlessly with the exotic sugared sweetness of dried dates.

Demeter is famous among fragrance lovers for bottling the joy, happiness, and uniqueness associated with various life experiences in the form of versatile, highly wearable perfumes. This decadently heady scent joins the brand’s famous library in its trademark simplistic glass packaging.

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