Diana Vreeland Absolutely Vital by Diana Vreeland for Women

Diana Vreeland Absolutely Vital Perfume by Diana Vreeland, Fall under the hypnotizing spell of the exotic and enchanting Diana Vreeland Absolutely Vital.

This enigmatic women's perfume blends woody, floral, powdery and aromatic accords for a smoky, dreamy concoction that leaves a bold statement in your wake wherever you happen to roam. Notes of creamy soft sandalwood combine seamlessly with the elegance of Turkish red rose and Egyptian jasmine for a stunningly chic and feminine bouquet. Meanwhile, the inclusion of opoponax and myrrh lends a spicy sophistication to the mix, while a blissfully sweet hint of vanilla at the base forms a sensual underlayer you'll enjoy smelling on your skin for hours into the evening.

This Yves Cassar-designed fragrance comes in an amber-orange bottle for a warm, seductive look that draws the eye. The mysterious aroma was launched by the American perfume house of Diana Vreeland in 2014, adding to the stellar collection of over a dozen other distinctive scents like Empress of Fashion (2018) and Perfectly Marvelous (2014).Diana Vreeland Absolutely Vital Perfume by Diana Vreeland

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