Emor London Oud No. 10 by Emor London for Unisex

Emor London Oud No. 10 is a woody aquatic fragrance for men and women. This unisex fragrance leans heavily on the oud fragrance ingredient in its name. This product comes from the agar tree. It is one of the most costly ingredients used in fragrances because it requires a tree to have a fungus from which the ingredient comes. One in ten trees has this fungus, but the best comes from the older trees, making it highly sought-after. Oud is a complex scent, providing hints of fruit, smoke, wood, floral and musk.

Fragrance Family: Spicy, citrus

Scent Type: warm

Notes: Emor London Oud No. 10 provides a varied scent profile. While oud comes out clearly, it also is very spicy. The choice of two types of pepper, sage and thyme helps create an almost gourmand presentation. It also has touches of citrus from bergamot and mandarin and a few floral notes. The fragrance settles nicely into an earthiness within the base with notes including leather, sandalwood, amber and musk.

Suggested Use: For long-lasting fragrance that you can carry throughout the day and to minimize the need for reapplying, focus on your pulse points behind your ears, at the base of your neck and on your wrists as well as warmer areas of the body, such as behind the knees and inside the elbow. These are the best places to apply your fragrance since the scent intensifies by the warmth of your body.

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