Escada Desire Me by Escada for Women

Escada Desire Me Perfume by Escada, You want to be wanted and the perfect finishing touch to your natural magnetism and allure us is Escada Desire Me by Escada. Running errands, jetting between coasts, partying at a local watering hole, on a family outing – no matter where life takes you, this scent makes sure you’re noticed when you arrive, celebrated while you’re there, and missed when you depart.

At first whiff, bittersweet citrus coupled with sweet aromas of juicy mandarin orange entice and beguile all those you encounter. The heart of this delightful fragrance is a quiet but powerful combination of fresh peonies mixed with the morning-fresh aroma of dew-kissed green leaves. The base notes steal the show with subdued smells of freshly brewed coffee, indulgent cheesecake, tiramisu, favorite cookies hot from the oven, and rich dark chocolate.

Unveiled, this perfume shines a spotlight on all your attributes. You’ll magically feel more charismatic and irresistible and no one will be able to resist your charms.

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