Fantasia De Fleurs by Creed for Women

Fantasia De Fleurs Perfume by Creed, This classic scent crafted in 1862 for Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungry is an invigorating, floral delight for everyday wear.

Fantasia De Fleurs has top notes of bergamot to start of sweet. Middle notes of iris and Bulgarian rose blend for a beautiful aroma with the base note of ambergris. The exotic combination is said to have been used to perfume the empress’ hair. Known as “Sissi” to some, she was known for her refined tastes and beauty. The beautiful bottle holds the scents of an intoxicating garden, just begging to be released in nature.

Since 1760, Creed has been known for luxury fragrance. The company honors both royalty and public patrons through hundreds of years of delightful aromas. From Queen Victoria to Grace Kelly, this perfumery has held great standards in quality and elegance. It is even said Michelle Obama is a customer of their establishment. In 2010, the first and only United States store location opened in Manhattan, New York.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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