Fathom by Dana for Men

Fathom by Dana, Fathom is a cologne designed with the modern man in mind. It was released in 1990 by an American perfumery. The masculine blend mixes spicy and earthy tones to create a warm feeling throughout each layer.

While the intoxicating fragrance is classically masculine, it also has a citrusy edge that brings a fresh breeze and lightness to the aroma. As each layer takes shape, notes of sour lemon, warm musk, rich tobacco, earthy spices and sweet flowers may shine through in the top, middle or base notes.

The cologne was launched by Dana. The American fragrance brand, which was originally founded in Spain in 1932, is well-known around the world for creating sophisticated, elegant perfumes and colognes. Many of the more recent high-quality scents released by the brand give modern twists to classic aroma mixtures. Even the packaging of the different fragrances showcases the quality of the scent within. This particular cologne comes in a simple opaque bottle with a standout blue cap to emphasize the masculinity.

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