Feminite Du Bois by Serge Lutens for Unisex

Feminite Du Bois Perfume by Serge Lutens, Feminite Du Bois is a reimagining of the classic 1992 women’s perfume by fragrance designer Christopher Sheldrake. The new edition was released with the 2009 Serge Lutens collection. The fragrance finds perfect symmetry in its mix of sandalwood, peach, vanilla, clove and plum. It is the perfect scent for day or evening wear. This classic creation is sold in delicate, tall, glass flacons that exude nothing but elegance.

The perfume house Parfums Beaute Serge Lutens was launched in 2000 by the title designer. The company creates perfumes for men and women and collaborates with famed perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. The company benefited from opening in a time of e-commerce and social networking, which allowed its perfumes to find their niche in an increasingly more connected community of customers and fragrance experts.

The real secret to the company’s success is its experienced and talented designers. In the 1980s, the lead designers worked under Shiseido, a Japanese makeup company. During this time, they learned and thrived under the tutelage of a thriving business that allowed them to stretch their design wings. This lead to the creation of their successful brand that hosts 78 different fragrances in its base today.

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