Floris Special No 127 by Floris for Unisex

Floris Special No 127 Cologne by Floris, A classic cologne originally created in 1890, Floris Special No 127 has earned acclaim from men and women alike over the years with its fresh and aromatic accord bearing a sharp, citrusy edge.

Bergamot, orange and petitgrain join with lavender for a sweet and juicy opening with hints of green notes. The cologne’s heart is a rich bouquet featuring geranium, rose, neroli and ylang-ylang, ending on a strong patchouli and musk base. This warm, long-lasting fragrance stays with the wearer all day to captivate and intrigue companions.

The perfumery house of Floris has been a British icon for well over a century, with men’s and women’s fragrances worn and recognized by royalty and celebrities throughout its history. More than a few high-profile clientele have been gifted with unique formulas from this perfumery, such as the No 127 that originally was created for Russia’s Grand Duke Orloff as the “Orloff Special” before its breakaway popularity led to a relaunch.

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