Fujiyama Private Number by Succes De Paris for Men

Fujiyama Private Number by Succes De Paris, Fujiyama Private Number is a mysterious cologne that was first released in 1997. The fragrance has a deep, warm blend that feels inviting to wearers and those around them. This alluring scent was designed for men who want to come off as attractive, yet aloof.

The smooth blend starts with an earthy, spiciness theme thanks to the oakmoss and nutmeg top notes. The creamy smooth aromas, including leather and vanilla, of the heart create the warm embrace of sensuality. The cologne sits on the warm, earthy notes of musk and amber as it comes to an end.

This intoxicating cologne was introduced by Succes De Paris. The company, an Australian cosmetics brand, is best known for its line of makeup, cleansers and moisturizers. While perfumery isn't the company's first line of business, it does offer some well-received colognes and perfumes. Many of the fragrances take a daring twist on a classic scent combination.

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