Habit Rouge by Guerlain for Men

Habit Rouge by Guerlain, Some masculine scents just aren't suited to the distinguished ambience of the boardroom, but Habit Rouge is recommended for this high-performance environment.

With slightly Oriental overtones, this cologne begins with a blend of citrus aromas, including lemon, orange, and lime. The heart notes present a blend of spices, such as cinnamon, and everything rests on solidly masculine leather combined with vanilla. This cologne has a moderate sillage, suited to the bustle of an office, with a reliable longevity to get you through your workday. The fragrance was introduced in 1965.

The fragrance house, named after its founder and established in France, has provided the world with luxurious aromas for more than 175 years. Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain founded the house in 1828 on a product line of common hygiene offerings, developing perfumes for some customers. Eventually, those perfumes appeared in several European royal courts. The company was turned over to Aime, the founder's son, and eventually to his nephew, Jacques. With some of the world's best-loved perfumes in its collection, this company has solidified its presence in fragrance history.

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