Haute & Chic Very Sensual by Haute & Chic for Women

Haute & Chic Very Sensual Perfume by Haute & Chic, Haute & Chic Very Sensual is an alluring floral and fruity perfume for women that opens with juicy, mouthwatering notes of apples and oranges for an instantly captivating introduction.

The fruity accord delights the palate and the nose of the wearer and her companions. It then dissolves into the sweet, complex note of tonka bean with its almond, gingerbread, gourmand, vanilla and woody scents. Finally, amber and leather notes create a warm, animalic and rich finish, making the fragrance ideal for romantic and intimate occasions such as dinner and dancing.Haute & Chic, the brand behind the fragrance, bottles it in an elegant multi-faceted red glass flacon with a gold neck adorned with a black tulle bow and a black and gold stopper.

The company packages the flacon in a striking red presentation box that features the fragrance's name in gold lettering within a black diamond motif. The scent and its packaging make an elegant addition to any dressing table.

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Item #PP677855X


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