Hauts Bijoux by House Of Sillage for Women

Hauts Bijoux Perfume by House Of Sillage, Steer your mind away from responsibility and venture into your favorite island fantasy any time you spritz on Hauts Bijoux. This luscious women's fragrance boasts fruity, powdery, floral and woody accords for a delectable morsel of a scent that can captivate anyone around you for hours during your beachside getaway.

Top notes of blackcurrant, grapefruit and juicy mango instantly ignite an energizing ambience, bringing pure light and zest to your day. Helping to expand the concoction are heart notes of iris and Karo Karounde, which infuse a delicately romantic bouquet into the mix. Finally, a strong base of amber, cedar, vanilla and heliotrope adds a stunningly warm and comforting touch, guiding the entire fragrance into a riveting finale.

The flacon is designed to appear as a fancy cupcake, making this delightful 2015 perfume a perfect olfactory treat to place on your shelf. It was released through the rising American fragrance brand House of Sillage, which has over 40 alluring scents already on the market.

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